Google Assistant - Switch type custom on/off commands

Hello everyone and thanks for all the hard work and great contributions.

I’ve got running with google assistant, works flawless with both google home mini and my iphone. I’ve exposed some scripts to google which works great when I want to turn on something, but I want to be able to turn off things as easy. I’ve got a Xiaomi IR Remote that I use to turn on/off projector/xbox/z906 and to achieve this I’ve made a few scripts. I expose these scripts to google assistant and when I say “Turn on xbox”, the xbox turns on. I wonder if I can get google to understand “Turn off xbox” and then it will run the script with the ir code for turning the console off? Lights and other things work great turning on/off, but I want the script to have some kind of on/off functionality as well.

Hi, are you able to find a solution for this? I’m thinking to do the same thing with my xiaomi IR controller. For example, by saying “Hi, Google, switch to channel 1001” . Then, my IR remote controller with send the command that it has learned.