Google Assistant timing out?

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I’ve asked this in the Discord group but haven’t gotten many answers around it so I thought I would try my luck here. I recently bought a whole bunch of Ecosmart Zigbee light bulbs because they were on sale at Home Depot. In total, we have about 40 bulbs that I have grouped into 15 ZHA groups. I added everything to ZHA and then added all of the groups (and individual bulbs that make sense) to Google, totaling 24 “lights”. Individually, everything works great but if I say something like “Turn on/off all of the lights”, Google goes into spinning mode and then it eventually times out and says something like “There was an issue turning on/off 24 lights”. Sometimes all the lights eventually turn off and sometimes maybe half do.

Is this a Zigbee issue/limitation? Do I need to set up a group that is like “all lights”? Is Google just timing out?

I’ve added logging for Google so I can provide logs there if needed. Any help is greatly appreciated.


This is a bug/limitation of the GA integration, I think.

I also noticed something similar but didn’t get anymore feedback than you :wink:

That’s what I’m starting to feel like it is :(. I’m going to just set up HA automations to automate the lights. I’m also going to add HomeKit to see if it behaves the same way.

Another thing I have to figure out how to do is upgrade the firmware on my Zigbee stick, maybe that will help.

@koying its a known issue, and quite annoying might I add. I think Google needs to make changes for this to work. Although admittedly this was not an issue before as I mentioned in the ticket.

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Is it significant that there is a very similar problem with Alexa? There are several threads - for example:

AFAIK the issue is on googles end as it added a timeout

I did a full reinstall of HA and this solved the majority of these problems for Alexa. Unfortunately that doesn’t really help us figure out what exactly caused it in the first place :frowning: