Alexa device not responding on first try

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I’ve been struggling with an issue for the last few weeks where Alexa will respond with “device is not responding” or simply not responding at all on first attempts despite having acknowledged the command. Strangely, a second attempt will often successfully execute the command. Subsequent commands will also work for a while. It feels almost as if something is timing out or something is “going to sleep”. Can anyone help point me in a direction as to how I can begin to solve or test for what may be wrong? Unfortunately we primarily interact with HA through Alexa here and this is getting a little frustrating. Thanks everyone.

I get this too occasionally. Sometimes Alexa will say “the device is not responding”, then the light will come on anyway; sometimes Alexa manages it on the second attempt; sometimes it doesn’t work at all but Lovelace switches the light on without any problem. Others have had the same experience - there are a couple of similar threads.

I seems to be Alexa that is timing out. The Amazon developer forums say that it is set to about 10 seconds, and this can’t be changed for security reasons. It might help to check your HA setup, your network and your internet connection to see whether you can remove bottlenecks. In my case, lights are controlled by RF, with switches in HA. Throw in Alexa talking to Dublin (or wherever it is) on a flaky internet connection and that’s quite a lot of to-ing and fro-ing. I’ve migrated most of the lighting control to wall tablets and motion sensors.

Not much help. :pensive:

Good thinking, but unfortunately the time between the issuing of the command and the response is nearly immediate. Maybe a second of delay before Alexa responds with “device is not responding”. What’s strange is the consistency to the inconsistency. In other words: when there’s a successful command, subsequent commands are always successful and fast. However, when the system has been dormant for a little bit, it seems to consistently miss the first command. This is not the case with local Alexa commands, just those going to HA. That’s why it feels so much like something “going to sleep” in HA and the first command wakes it for a period.

I might test this with a timed routine issuing a random HA command every 20 minutes or to see if this keeps things “awake”.

I’m seeing the exact same symptoms on a daily basis myself. Just as you’ve said too if it’s been dormant awhile it won’t work on the first go. But if I’ve just issued a command it’ll be quick and reliable every time. We also primarily interact with HA via Alexa so it’s very frustrating that the connection has been flaky for a few months now.

I experimented with the manual Alexa integration awhile back but switched to Nabu Casa due to how easy it was. I’m planning to try the manual integration again to see if I can replicate the behavior.

any updates on this? ive been having the same issue for weeks.