Google Assistant very slow

I subscribed to the Nabu Casa Cloud service specifically to have simple Google Assistant integration.
At first it worked fine, but now it’s unusable: Google Assistant’s response time is very long (not far off ten seconds), whether by voice or even via the Android application (when you press the button of a light, it turns on and off, and a few seconds later the light turns on and so does the button).
I know that Google isn’t very efficient, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not Google’s fault, because before I migrated to Home Assistant, my old home automation system (which also used a pay cloud) had no problems and Google Assistant reacted in a second. And I’m pretty sure that when I started configuring Google Assistant on Home Assistant it was the same thing.

I’ve tried deleting and reintegrating Home Assistant on Google Assistant but nothing changes.
I’ve come across several topics complaining about the same thing, but no solution has ever been found… I imagine it will be the same for mine, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

What bothers me is that in the end I’m paying a subscription fee (which is very expensive! 75€ per year when I was paying 12€ per year for my old home automation solution and a Google Assistant that reacted in a second) for nothing: we end up not using Google Assistant any more because it’s so complicated…

If anyone has a solution, I’d love to hear it!

We have seen a very similar slowdown in the last few days. Our suspicion is that Google is doing a major overhaul of the Assistant on their side to prepare for new AI features.