Google Calendar Event Limitations?

I´m trying to make TTS announce all events for Today availible in the calendar but no matter what i do i only seem to be getting the first Event in the calendar. Is this a limitation of the Calendar integration/Api?

service: tts.google_say
  entity_id: media_player.home_nest_mini_group
  message: |-

    {% for cal_events in states.calendar -%}
      {{ as_timestamp(cal_events.attributes.start_time) | timestamp_custom('%H:%M') }} {{ cal_events.attributes.message }}
    {%- endfor -%}

Try it with expand():
{% for cal_events in expand(states.calendar) -%}

Hi Drew, I tried that but get the same result. After reading several posts about the same topic I suspect that its a limitation with the integration unless its changed recently, maybe someone can confirm.

Yes it’s a limit in the integration.
Don’t know if there is a custom component that is better I don’t use Google calendar so I haven’t bothered to look.

Maybe my workaround How to get all today events from google calendar? - #10 by oOoHoCo can help you

It is not exactly the best fix, but I ended up getting some echo devices to do my announcements, then you can trigger the sequence calls

  • Alexa.Calendar.PlayTomorrow
  • Alexa.Calendar.PlayToday
  • Alexa.Calendar.PlayNext