Google Calendar from different accounts?

Hi, I am just starting to setup the Google Calendar component. Can we have multiple calendars coming from different Google Accounts? Right now I am setting up the family calendar, but was hoping to get another calendar that would take care system events etc, that I don’t want to clutter the family calendar with.

I searched the board and haven’t seen such a setup. If this is possible, what my configuration.yaml look like in order to identify both calendars.

You can have multiple calendars, as long as they are shared with the account you’re using. By default when you start Home Assistant it’ll check for new calendars.

So if I understand this correctly, I can have multiple calendars, but only from one account. But not from two different Google mail accounts. Humm that will put a damper in my plans, I wanted to keep things separate as not to clog the family calendar.

You can have as many as you like (disclaimer, I don’t know if there actually is a limit :wink: )

Say you have calenders on the following:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

You use [email protected] for your sensor in the HA, then go to your Google accounts for the other 2,share the calenders with [email protected], restart HA, taa-daa, 3 calendars.

Thanks mf_social … I understand how this works now and that should do the trick …Thanks again

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i have this working, i shared my calendar with the “master” account in homeassistant , so in the sensor itself on the home page, i see my events, i also see the new calendar in cal event yaml file
my calendar is shared with full permission, so all looks fine

but when i want to show to show my calendar in an IFRAME, it gives an error

Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them.

unless i make it public, it works, but that something i dont want offcourse :slight_smile:

so why is iframe not working, and sensors is working ?


Hi i did has you sad, i shared my wife calendar to my’n,
i can see my wife event on my googe calendar, but i dont see it in my calendar tub in HA ?


What’s a calendar tub?

In your dev-tools device list how many calendar sensors do you have?

in my dev-tools i have this


what i’m doing wrong?
i should say im using a custom card

  • type: module
    url: /local/custom_ui/calendar-card.js?v=1.0.1


I’m presuming there’s a calendar missing from that list? Have you restarted homeassistant since sharing the new calendar?

I don’t know anything about the custom card.

OK thanks. i restart HA and the shared google calendar came up.
so now i see in my “google calendar card” in HA my and my wife calendar.
is there a way to differentiate between my event on the calendar and my wife event in
any way?


I don’t know about the custom card, but the sensors entity_id shows which calendar it represents.

I have a shared calendar, which I would like to show instead of my own calendar. I am using the following as card

I have the Calendar ID (got it out of Is there any way I can tell this card to look at that calendar instead of my own?

  • type: ‘custom:calendar-card’
    name: ‘Cal’
    showprogressbar: true
    - calendar.<my_id>

using this:

Nevermind, I’ve fixed it. I edited my google_calendar.yaml file to show the ID, now it’s listed in my states and I could use that to display the calendar events on there :slight_smile: Thanks