Google Calendar integration - additional calendars in 2022.4.6

I upgraded from 2021.11.5 to 2022.4.6 and have found that some of my google calendars are now missing. I had added my own calendar shares as follows (in addition to my ‘default’ calendars):

- cal_id: [email protected]
  - device_id: bombers_footy
    ignore_availability: true
    name: Bombers Footy
    track: true

But this no longer shows up in HA. I’ve re-checked the IDs in google. Any ideas?

One thought is that this calendar may not be on your calendar list anymore? My Calendars list and other settings - Google Workspace Admin Help

To simplify the code, the integration was changed to query only calendars from the API rather than both from local yaml and the API – though the yaml still controls the settings. Maybe adding to the calendar list will bring it back