Google Calendar integration: My primary calendar shows no events

I have Google Calendar setup correctly as all but one of the calendars shows the events in HA.

The only one that isn’t showing items on the calendar is my primary calendar attached to the account that is setup with the Google Calendar API.

All of the remaining calendars that I’ve added to my Google account show up AND have events in them.

My primary calendar is there in the integration, but even when I run a service call to grab the latest events, nothing shows up in the response.

Any ideas?

I just noticed that of the “my calendars” that I have in Google, the only one that I cannot create a new event on from HA is my primary account.

So, HA is seeing the calendar, but it’s not able to access the calendar. This calendar is the primary calendar for a Google Workplace account if that makes any difference.


And it’s because, as I’ve discovered, that I had manually configured my calendar in a file called “google_calendars.yaml” to limit the sensor to only seeing events that had a specific search term in them.

idiot me.