Google Calendar Integration stopped working after update to 2023.7.1


I used the google Calendar integration for 6 months now without problem.
Today I have upgraded to 2023.7.1 and the calendar stopped working.

Does somebody have an idea what I can do now?

I’m using Home Assistant OS on an RPI4


Answer my own question.
Leave the answer here for the cases somebody else has the same problem.

The Credentials (OAuth) for the Google Calendar got removed during the upgrade (don’t know why).
But they can be easily added back.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Got to Devices & Services
  3. Click on the three dot’s menu in the upper right corner and click on Application credentials
  4. Check if you don’t have credentials for the Google Calendar integration
  5. Click on the blue button on the bottom right corner to add new credentials
  6. Choose the Google Calendar integration
  7. Add all the required data (same as on the initial creation of the integration)
  8. Save the credential
  9. Reload the integration

Everything should now be back to normal.