Google Calendar - Multiple Accounts

Been using the old yaml setup with a single account and switched it today over to the new setup.
Is it still limited to a single google account though?
Not seeing a way to add another set of credentials.
I know I can still share my work calendar with my personal (that is setup in HA) but limited to only seeing free/busy in that case.

Pretty sure it is still limited to 1 account, unfortunately. I have my work calendar integrated, but when I try to add my personal account, I get an error during the auth phase. I noticed that the error refers to the client ID of my work account, which is obviously why it failed.

Scratch that! I just got it working!
Turns out you CAN add multiple calendars, you just have to manually add the credentials to Home Assistant. Assuming you’ve already enabled the Google Calendar API and created the OAuth credentials as per the documentation here:, you can then use your Client ID and Client Secret to manually create an Application Credential following the instructions here:
Once you’ve done that, you can go to Google Calendar on integrations page, click the ADD ENTRY button and it will now display a new pop-up that allows you to pick an authentication method. Choose the application credential that you created in the previous step and that’s it!

Worked great. Thanks!