Google Calendar Multiple Entities from the Same Recurring Event

I am trying to drive some automation based on our family schedule which we keep in a shared Google calendar. I have got the configuration working and am able to create calendar entities.

For our kids, we have an all-day event in the calendar for every day that is a school day.

My current challenge is that I want to fire some automations based on a couple of questions:
“Is today a school day?” (to start lights and voice notifications in the morning). This one is working fine, using the following config

  - device_id: school_today
    name: School Today
    track: true
    search: "#School"

The question that I am struggling with is “Is tomorrow a school day?”(to be used in my night time automations). Here is the config I tried to use

  - device_id: school_tomorrow
    name: School Tomorrow
    track: true
    search: "#School"
    offset: "!!-1440"

Based on the documentation, I thought that this would fire by looking at calendar events 1440 minutes in the future. I assume that what is happening here is that the current day’s event is causing this one to be in an on state, even though I don’t have a School event scheduled for tomorrow.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.