Google calendar retrieving unneeded data

not sure where to put this.

configured google calendar, all working fine - but:

my google_calendars.yaml always gets automatically populated with all calendars in the connected account (this i can’t see mentioned in the documentation fwiw)

having a lot of calendars in my account, i actually just wanted to see the ones i really need in HA.

so i configured google_calendars.yaml with just these - but after a restart all others are appended to the yaml again.

i figured that by configuring the integration with ‘track_new_calendar: false’ at least the unwanted calendars don’t get added to the calendar dashboard anymore - but still they are in the calendars.yaml

is there any way to turn off this automatic polling?


I believe all calendars are saved to the google_calendars.yaml but only the tracked ones appear as entities in HA.

When the calendar was added to the file before, maybe you need to change the setting for the tracking (track: false) for that calendar.
The setting ‘track_new_calendar’ only works for new calendars that you add to google in the future.

that’s correct and my issue at the same time.

beside the confusion it may produce - all this information stored in a plain text configuration file… :roll_eyes: again, having hundreds of calendars in my account, lot’s of them shared by others with me - this feels rather odd. besides, it’s not mentioned anywhere that it pulls all this information with every restart.

i do understand that this is the easiest way of getting the cal_ids and the entities preconfigured, but i feel that an option like ‘autopoll_calendars’ which one could set to false when done is missing.

also the ‘track_new_calendar’ would make a little more sense that way - assuming it was only adding newly added calendars to the config and activates it’s track option.