Google calendars intergration keeps saying: The component is not configured. Please follow the documentation

I thought I’d try the Google Calendar integration now that it is fully integrated in the UI. But I keep on getting this error and no mentions about it in the logs. The documentation only talks about integration through yaml, but I want to integrate it through the UI. How to?

Did you do the Prerequisites from the documenation? I got the same error you did but after setting the client id and client id secret in configuration.yaml I could add the integration through the UI.

No. I don’t think that the documentation is very clear about that. And also makes me think this integration is only half finished if I still have to go to yaml files to do something beforehand. But I’ll try. Thank you.

Thank you again.

I must say, I still find the documentation misleading, because it starts with something you have to do in the yaml files and therefore I only thought the documentations was outdated and neglected to read on. It’s spot on, but I do think a little heads up in the first paragraph should be there.

I had exactly the same problem with the documentation missing the part about adding to configuration.yaml. Here is the format needed:

  client_id: xxxxx
  client_secret: yyyyy

Run configuration check and restart HA before adding the Google Calendars integration per documentation.

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I believe that as with 2022.6 update it’s not necessary anymore to do the config in the yaml. So therefore the documentation has been changed already.

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Yes, this error can no longer happen after 2022.6