Google calender does not refresh


my google calender card in lovelace does not refresh when an appointment is over.
Even the next morning the card shows the appointments from the day before.

Thanks in advance.

Regards Kai

Any ideas?

Can you give and example or a better explanation as I am not sure I understand, my calendar will show what’s happening tomorrow and what happens yesterday as per any digital calendar?

Are you relating to the event being on? Or off?

I have just spent the last week making google calendar automations so happy to help if I can

Thanks for your reply.

The google calendar integration works without any problems.

The calendar card (I am using the day view) should always show the next 10 items beginning from today.

Tomorrow the calendar card still shows the items from today.

I have to refresh lovelace and then the calendar card shows the actual day and not the day before.

Is this a normal behaviour?

Regards Kai

When you add an item to your google calendar, does it appear in your lovelace card without a refresh?

Just tried adding something today and I had to refresh the page for it to show up, or at least change to view to tomorrow and then back to today for it to appear.


I solved this ˋproblemˋ by installing browser_mod and refreshing lovelace every 10 minutes.

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I have my default view to show a month, but just changed it for day view, I notice if I go to calendar on side bar it will always show today, even if I change the day, each and every time I go back in to it it will show today.

However in Lovelace I can change the day to yesterday for example and it will stay on that view no matter what unless I refresh the page.

There is always a way :+1:t2:

Having the same problem. Calendar card doesn’t get updated when the day changes. If you do not refresh the dashboard it will show the same items even a week later.

Any ideas how to force refresh?

It seems this issue bothers only a few people. I am also annoyed by it. I keep the HA app open on a tablet. I have to hit the reload button every day, instead of just looking at the dashboard. Please let me know if you find a workaround.