Google Cast - BBC iPlayer

Has anyone had any experience to cast iplayer to a google nest hub max from home assistant?

I am hoping to set up an automation to play BBC news live when I trigger it (probably an NFC tag). I’ve got it working for Sky News via YouTube, but I wanted to get iplayer working if possible.

I set it casting from my phone and monitored the media player device for details, I could see app name was “BBC iPlayer” and media_content_id was “bbc_news24”, but when it tried to trigger the action an error of “App BBC iPlayer not supported” was shown in the logs.

Any ideas?


I managed to get it to load iPlayer on the Nest Hub by adding the “app_id” property, but it doesn’t start playing any content :frowning:

I just went though this process with trying to cast BBC Sounds to my Chromecast Audios.

Basically it isn’t possible without some code being written into the pychromecast library. Each app such as iPlayer, Sounds needs a controller writing to mimic the JSON exchange that happens when you start casting.

The BBC Sounds is proving to be quite a pain but iPlayer looks like it might be easier, I will take a look.

Interesting, thanks, let me know how you get on!

This has been done, code was merged a few days ago so should be in next month’s release (BBC Sounds too if that interests).

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This has now been released (as of ver 2021.7.0) (BBC iPlayer and Sounds)

Could you possibly provide an example of how you would configure an automation action to start playing a programme on iPlayer?

Thank you.