Google Cast Configuration - Matching HASS Demo

In the Home-Assistant Demo the Chromecast component shows a preview image of what is being played on the Google Cast.

However, in my setup it just shows that Netflix is playing, no details as to what from Netflix is playing.

I’ve tried both



  platform: cast

Here’s what renders on my Home Assistant page:

Thanks for your help! Keep up the great work…

As a follow-up the above images I was casting Netflix from my Nexus 6P. I just tried casting YouTube from my computer and I see the preview image now…

Any ideas?

I don’t use Netflix, so my first guess was that the component may not do previews for app streams as opposed to media streamed directly to the device.

But then I remembered that when I play movies via Plex on my FireTV, I do see the previews no matter what. Not sure if this works differently for different devices (FireTV vs. Chromecast) but I’ll try testing it later in the day if I get a chance.

Thanks, appreciate it. I’ll try to cast Netflix from my computer also and see if I get a different display.