Google Cast Group volume setting

Hi all,

I have different gmini grouped in a “broadcast” group. Sporadically I use some of them to stream music so It may happens that they have very different volumes.

That’s why I have an automation that set volume to zero during the night. But I noticed (via automation or via ghome app) that if I change volume to the group it does not apply it to every gmini but it reduces volumes of a certain percentage based on the starting volume of each device.

Can some one please suggest me a way to avoid it?

Thank you in advance

I’m not sure if you have solved your problem, and not 100% sure i understand your problem either.

For volume sync i use:

A solution if your volume goes down could be if you have nightmode activated in your Google Home app for the device, which lower the volume and light. See

Uhm let me understand:

those automation are triggered by every media player you have and as action they change volume to every other media player accordly, right?

Because maybe this will be a good solution to me!

Yes, if:

Google home volume is raised to a new volume level, the other ones will sync to the same volume level. The delay is there to avoid volume changes getting stuck in a loop.

Note it’s only triggering when you change the volume, so if entity1 is at 10% and entity2 is at 20% when you start the media it will stay there until one of your devices changes to a new volume level.