Google Cast Media Transfer From One Speaker To Another in Home Assistant

Hey All,

I was hoping to see if anyone knows if and how it is possible to recreate the Google “Transfer Media” option in home assistant. As done per the screenshot below:
I love this feature, especially since it is so easy to transfer music you’re currently listening to while on the move in your home.
I myself have about 10 different speakers where music could be playing from, but currently while moving through the house, I use the google home app to switch between speakers. Instead, I’d love to do this in home assistant, especially since the google home app has been laggy for me lately.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to find an answer to this question in other forums, nor do I have the knowledge to build a component like this myself.

Looking forward to any ideas/suggestions!!



Currently it does not seem so. It may be worth following this issue here: Is it possible to mimic the media control function from the Google home android app · Issue #432 · home-assistant-libs/pychromecast · GitHub