Google Chat Integration URL

So I think I’ve seen a workaround for this but can’t find it. Using the link from the main HA page (Google Chat - Home Assistant) and I login to my account but it just spins - says “One Moment Please” and never moves along. Anyone else see this as well? I assume the URL is broken? Anyone know the correct URL? I can’t remember how to navigate the console. I think I have to “Create OAuth client ID” but I don’t remember the steps. I think the URL did some of the legwork but I could be wrong.

I’m having this problem to.

I can see that an oauth_code is being generated by the page, even if it doesn’t complete loading.

I am not sure if it is correct though. I’ve tried using what is being generated and I haven’t been able to successfully send a test message yet. This is my first go at using notify however.

I’ve tried configuring Google Chat twice over, the oauth_code is different each time. I’m not sure if it should be or not.