Google clock now supports Google Assistant Routines (Trigger HA when you turn your Android alarm off)

So I have been trying to set something up that isn’t time dependent for when I get out of bed during the work week. I have done several things over the years including tasker when I unplug my phone, bed scale using and esp8266 and a load sensor, and just a set time trigger. Well some time in the last couple months Google added the ability to trigger a Google Assistant Routine when you turn your alarm off. There is a integration for Google Assistant (If you are using Home Assistant cloud) which exposes your Home Assistant entities that you have defined in your cloud config. I exposed an input boolean that I called work_day_alarm which automatically gets turned on at 12:01 on work days and then have Google Assistant turn it off in the morning.


I got all excited about this so downloaded the Google Clock app this morning…only to find that it doesn’t have the Google Assistant Routine function :unamused:


Just looked it up, and saw something about having to reboot after you install it to have it show up? Have you tried that?

I just rebooted my phone… no change in the Clock app unfortunately

And you are sure you are using Clock by Google LLC? Even the description in the play store says Google Assistant Routines were added.

Which version do you use?
I am running 6.0 and do not have the google assistant option.

That is odd. I do have the same version.
Maybe it is because of me being in Germany.

I’m in Australia so also wondering if its a location issue. Might have to wait for the GA function to roll out here…

EDIT: however, looking at the app in the play store it definitely says it has routines… its version 6.0 (Google LLC)

Can either of you manage your routines in the Google home app? Can you access devices in there as well?

I can, yes

Same here, I am in Australia
Nokia 6.1
AndroidOne with Android 9
Google Clock v6
No routines!
Oh well, something to look forward to…

I am in the US so I guess maybe they rolled it out here first? Hopefully you guys get it soon.

What I don’t understand is why the version I downloaded (same as you) says it has GA integration, yet the app doesn’t appear to. If it was a location roll-out issue surely we would be on a lower version number and the description wouldn’t mention GA… Hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:

There are other things that control the rollout besides the actual app. They could be using server side configuration to limit the users by region. But yes, hopefully soon.

I got it in Australia now.
Possibly with the 2019-02 security update.
Need to try it out soon

This works in Germany as well for a few weeks now.