Google Cloud Shutdown- August 2023; What does this mean for us? I feel like many projects rely on this

Hello all,

Could I get your alls comments on the subject or is this just too early to be discussing.

I currently use the gmail integration, home assistant integration, best integration, and google cloud speak integration.

If I am understanding correctly, all rely on the google cloud platform. Am I thinking correctly? This seems like a big problem long term.

Thank you all for your thoughts/ views/ ways forward on this!!

It’s not google cloud that’s shutting down it’s just the iot cloud element that’s being depreciated.

As far as I know this will not affect any of the things you have listed above.

Does it affect home assistant, I don’t think so but interested to see others thoughts as do wonder if some projects are affected.

@rossk Ahhh, ok. I completely missed the point on that one. Thank you for clarifying that. Shewwwww.