Google Coral for Whisper and Piper?

Can a Google Coral help Whisper and PIper on a local voice scenario?

Is the PoE version of HA Yellow powerful enough to handle the Coral?
Can I damage the Yellow if i overload the USB port or does it just cut of the USB power?
Can the USB-C port on the Yellow be used as a normal USB port?


It is regulated supply. Only outputs what it can output.

USB is standardized across all the connector types. Differences are power output, speed and feature support with C being backward compatible to all. There are usb c to usb A adapters and so on. If you can find adapter you can use it for the device.

Yes. POE voltage is like 48VDC so the device should be equal to unit running off a power brick.


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Thanks @tmjpugh for your replies! much appriciated!
This very much said that Coral is not supported with Whisper or Piper :frowning:

To the USB-C port as a standard USB port I need to change the USB-C mode from UART(default) to USB mode?