Google Dorbell (the one with battery new 2021)

Any guides to get it up in Home Assistant?

Every single search just says Nest, but I’m not using Nest, It’s a Google Doorbell… (That probably works great with Nest) But I cant use Nest Thermostats and have no need for Nest, and the Doorbell is not in Nest, the Nest account is blank and wants me to add something.

I have a Google Doorbell, setup in Google Home. And it works there, all my Google Home things chime when the button is pressed. And Google warns me of a chime on my phone, not Nest.

The stupid thing is probably a Google Nest Doorbell, but it is not branded as that. It’s a Google Dorbell with Google logo.

So any guide to get the Google Doorbell up and running in Home Assistant (NO STUPID NEST GUIDE!)

Nest is a sub-brand of Google, so Nest = Google.

The Doorbell is a Nest product: Google NEST Hello.

The Google Home Mini they are “Nest Mini”.

You need use Nest API because you have a Nest device.

But everything I have is in Google Home, and Nest is empty, how will that API work?!?

Do I have to remove everything from Google Home and reinstall everything in Nest?!?

I really hate Nest now!

Nest is the brand as Google domotic devices, Google Home is the service for connect any device with the speaker (tuya, Samsung).

Pixel = Google Android Devices
Nest = Google Domotic Devices

No, you dont need reinstall anything. You use your Google account in nest API…

I bit the bullet and followed the guide, and I’m stuck.

According to the guide I should have gotten this:

At least I do get the Doorbell on the step before:

I tick all or some of those and it fails every time and I’m unable to do anything else.

Not gonna say what I think about Nest now…

The problem, in any case, would be with the integration of HA, not of Nest. It has worked perfectly for me. It’s a bit of a hassle to set up the integration, but it works perfectly.

If you don’t like it, return it and buy a different brand.