Google Drive

Hey guys. I really feel like a Google Drive component would be valuable. Is that a possibility at some point? Thanks for all you do. Home Assistant has changed my life!

It could store stuff like videos from cameras

Im interested in this, has anyone come across any existing work on a solution? I think it would be pretty straightforward to mock up a solution with PyDrive. It could be triggered by the folder_watcher integration to upload new .jpg files to Gdrive

Hi, I would rather prefer a OneDrive component as I have a big storage plan included in my Office365 License. Does anybodyknow something about this?


Looks like they have an API:

So yes it’s possible :slight_smile:

Update: I did spend half an hour with pydrive, it works well but the catch is Gdrive uses Oath2, which means pydrive has to authenticate via a browser session, like the google calendar integration does. It shouldn’t be too much work for a motivated developer to create an integration around pydrive, not sure it is my cup of tea however

That would be a different feature request

Hi Guys
It would be indeed a nice Plugin! As mentioned above, to store Pictures (to share, access from all other devices…)
Is there any news? or is a motivated developer around the corner?
Another idea - of course maybe over cooked - is to use a Raspberry device with a samba Server on one side and on the other side the google drive mount. Now you can access the samba share via the HA plugin… Just for a idea…