Google generative AI integration - Set A/C temperature


Not sure if it is just language problem, but I feel it is also something with the integration interfacing from HA.

I am giving orders for google ai by assist, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (90% of times)

I want to set target temperature for an AC in some room, and I am using generic thermostat which runs automations to run scripts for an zigbee IR blaster.

It works fantastic through HA UI, but it is suffering from the google AI to figure out to run the scripts. When I ask first time the AI tells it can’t set the temperature, then I ask it to run the script, and it works after that!

It seems AI don’t have memory so it doesn’t know second time it can use the scripts exposed to it.

Also the errors sometimes looks like it is a language problem (since I am naming entities in my mother tongue language (Arabic))

Can any one suggest a proper configuration or do I need to create a ticket in HA github or something (I believe it is how HA deal with AI, because it doesn’t automatically use scripts for controlling the AC, it is just directly try to deal with climate entity, and the AC control is not done directly by climate).

Thank you for any suggestions…

The above same problem also with Kitchenl lights…

Just now I told him to change the temperature he said I can’t, I told him to use scripts then he succeeded!

Is there a way to give him consistent instructions?


It said HassSetPosition is used to change the temperature but it is not supported right now?