Google have now (seemingly) blocked provisioning of NEW Nest Thermos into Google Home

Ran into a bit of a brick wall today with Google. I do hope it’s just me (Although I suspect it’s going to affect all New Nest Thermostat owners)
My nest thermostat recently died. I deleted this from my account and ordered a replacement
The replacement arrived and set up ok in the Nest App. Perfect control etc.
Provisioning the new device in Google HOME, however, is now impossible it seems
It simply will not find the device on the network.
It will take you as far as entering the last 4 characters from its serial number, but will NOT allow you to do this, there are no entry mechanisms on the service page - Blank screen apart from the text at the top
(It tried with both my android phone and Chromebook. Both exactly the same)

Google Home tech support confirmed to me:
“The google nest thermostats have [now] an incompatibility with the Google Home service. Sorry Sir”

I know there were some far-reaching auth changes scheduled for October. I guess this is it…
A little shocking tbh. Surely, politics aside, they aren’t so naive as to kill off one of the most important use cases for the device??!

Looks like this is a perfect time to transition to another thermostat provider. One that supports multi-zones and zigbee TRVs

Are you adding first that thermostat to Nest with a Nest account or with a Google account.

What you are saying seems odd, Google Home not working with a Google device… :thinking:

Actually, tried Google home first, failed, then set up the nest app. I don’t believe there are separate ‘nest’ and ‘google’ accounts now, it’s all just google. That change happened quite a while back.

The whole thing seems really strange to me. I can’t quite believe it myself and hope it’s actually an account configuration issue on my side. If it’s true, then the world really has turned into a very odd place.

It has happened, but if you haven’t migrated to a Google account, then it is still a legacy nest account.

Is your phone on a different WiFi network then the thermostat? I know with my CCA’s, both the device and phone have to be on the same WiFi network for me to add or modify.

Same network. I can control the Nest from my phone via the Nest app.
Looked deeper into this last night. Looks like Google have completely disassociated Nest Thermostats from the Google main supported device catalog (set up device → New Device → Choose Home → category select → Nest Thermostat).
There is something now in (set up device → New Device → Choose Home → category select → Other Nest Thermostats) which then essentially takes you straight through to your Nest App. Not useful.

Even if I try the ‘Works with Google’ route, it takes me to which refuses any username/passwords I have. Password resets don’t work.

==edits in bold ==
So, it looks like an almost complete disconnect of ‘New’ Nest Thermostat devices from the Google Device Catalog.
If you have existing Thermostats, looks like they will still honour these, until you of course replace your device.

The new Nest Audio’s work fine in the Google Home app.

Just as a note: