Google Home Actionable Notifications

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I want to set up an automation that when triggered will send a text to speech to my google home devices using google_say then give me options that I can say to trigger different events

Example: Motion at the front door triggers google home to say “Someones at the front door” then “Would you like to turn the Front Lights on?” and I could respond with a yes or no.

Thanks in advance


It would be relatively easy to achieve if you were prepare to say something like " Yes, turn the Front Lights on" that could just be a routine that operates a switch, or “cancel” to ignore.

I can’t really see how you can pass “Yes” or “No” back into Home Assistant and you definitely can’t use it as a ‘key-word’ with Google Home.

I’m very interested to hear if anyone suggests anything else though. I’ve not heard much about Hey Ada! from the Add-on store and what can be achieved with that. Good luck.

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I’ve got this set up with Alexa after following a good tutorial but I’m trying to move to google home instead of having home and echo’s all over the house…

Anyone have any update on this? I’ve seen there’s an Alexa version, but it would be nice to have one for Google Home.

No traction on this one huh? I would be interested in this as well.