Google Home Alarm Sensor Automation Triggering? (0.88.0 new feature)

Documentation is a bit sparse on the new googlehome entity introduced in 0.88. I’m most interested in the sensor objects that are created when you set alarms on the GH’s and triggering an automation when they go off. Does anyone have a configuration example or what have you that they can share?

looking for same thing


this seems to be the state for an 8 am alarm. so i imagine you would have to compare that to the current time and trigger when it matches… in my current google alarm sensor it counts down in seconds and triggers when value is below 30 seconds to trigger.

{{((as_timestamp(states.sensor.basement_speaker_alarm.state)-as_timestamp(now()))/1) | int }}

this will give it to you in seconds. just change your sensor name. i call my automation with a numeric state below 30 sec.