Google Home and Camera streaming

Hi guys!
I wonder to says Google Home to show my camera. So I’ve updated HA to 0.91, I setup the camera with generic component, enabled stream component and from the web site I see the camera using H264 streaming (I see the buffer and default media controls).
Beside that I expect to find into Google Home mobile app a new device (I asked to google to synchronize the devices) for the camera. If I ask to google to show my camera it starts a you tube video. Am I wrong to expect it?
Which are the requirements as H264 profile, resolution and ecc? How do I check (log is too long) if there is any error? Do components like Foscam or ONVIF support the streaming feature?


I think you need to add the camera to exposed domains as per

that being said I have not got it working yet

My HA is already exposed to internet with HTTPS and the play_stream service works. I just want to play stream using voice.

On the left side menu in Home Assistant hit the services menu, looks like a remote control.

Execute the service google_assistant.request_sync to have Home Assistant and Google Home sync up.

Then check your Google Home app on your phone and see if your camera pops in, it may take a few minutes. Then you can issue the command “Hey google, show me <camera name> on <cast device name>.”

make sure your google assistant config should look something like this below, the g home app wont see your camera if it is not exposed.

project_id: my id
api_key: my api
expose_by_default: false
- climate
entity_config: **
** camera.back:

** name: Rear Camera**
** expose: true**
** room: Outside**

Thanks @firstof9, I tried to force sync but no luck. I already done also using voice command and I’m sure the synchronization has been done because I also added a new device and I see it

Thanks @tastycarp. My configuration has expose_by_default set to true which should expose all domains as indicated here, right?
I see lights, switch, locks, sensors, scenes and media player

Did you add stream: to your configuration.yaml ?

You should see something like this on your phone:

Yes and if I call play_stream service I can see the camera on tv

and what shows up in your Google Home app?
Also check your home-assistant.log for errors relating to google/your camera.

Google Home app shows all device except the camera.
My log contains some errors regarding a custom component but nothing for camera or stream
home-assistant.log.xml (67.0 KB)

In theory expose_by_default: true should work ( I added -camera to exposed_domains which should be the same) but the camera never showed up on mine until I did an entity config (which I prefer to do anyhow)

I have been testing stream in a Google Home Hub, I managed to get it working but there’s a lot of buffering happening. I don’t believe it’s my network seeing opening VLC directly to the camera RTSP’s service works well with no buffering.
Any idea or has anyone seen anything like it?

I have five cameras, and four of them I can use by name, one I cannot (“Cam front door”) and just get you tube suggestions. I think there are a lot of phrases and names google gives preference to content not devices.

Try (if you have not) changing names completely.

Hey, I’m also experiencing a lot of buffering. Did you ever sort this out?

No, it’s the same for me and I have no idea why.

Who would have known that the real challenge is to get google to not cast random shit from youtube or youtube music. :sob: :sob:

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