Google Home and HA

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I have the latest Home Assistatnt. I think it is 0.58. Also the Google HOme is brand new.
I read at a lot of places where I need to use Hue, or Ifttt.

What I was wondering is that in my latest HA, I can see the Google Mini devices, however I am unable to control it. So my question is is the integration between HA and Google home in place or am i missing something.

I read somewhere that Google home will be supporting Z-Wave, hence I am wondering.

Thanks for your feedback.


Google Home does not have built in support for z-wave or zigbee. Amazon Echo Plus has Zigbee but my understanding is its not really automation. If you want to play audio on the Google home, you can use the Cast component from Home-Assistant. If you are wanting to control Home-Assistant with voice commands with the Google Home, you would need to setup the Google Actions component.

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There’s 2 ways you can interact with your Google Home.

  1. It’s also a Cast media player, you can play audio on it
  2. Add the Google Assistant component, and use it to control your lights, switches, etc.

A follow up question. Does this mean that if I have a wifi switch connected to my Google home, I would also be able to control it (say as part of automation. Or from ha UI) from HA? Does this enable me to connect ha to wifi devices as well and not just z-wave devices?

No. You’d need to have added it to Home Assistant for it to be able to control it. See the list of components for the list of currently supported devices.

You can also use the google home devices a TTS device, works pretty well.