Google Home Announces Wrong Number Of Lights

I am using the Home Assistant Cloud to integrate with Google Home. I have 6 lights set up and have synced devices so they now appear in the Google Home app. The problem is that when i try and control the lights such as saying ‘Hello Google turn on lights’ the response I get is ‘Turning 12 lights on’. I have tried unlinking HASS.IO as well as my own account from Google Home. I have also created a new home in Google Home, all to no avail.

Any ideas please?

I tried hassio with Home assistant cloud and at the same time I had smartthings connected to Google assistant. So every light was duplicated. Unlinking smartthings wont necessarily work. Even though one does sync devices. Unlinking hassio worked as intended.

I have only got HASSIO linked.

I saw that HA (or maybe its reading of the info from the Hue hub) tends to also automatically create a separate light for every room in which I have smart lights (like, I have 2 kitchen lamps and one other virtual light switch called “kitchen” which shuts them both off), have you checked your list of devices in the Home Control area of the Google Home app? There might be a whole bunch of stuff there you’d need to filter within the HA config file.

Had to unlink and link my trådfri lights. Know it announces double the amount of lights. Also although rooms are correct in Home app it turns on lights in other rooms. Completely messed up.

Tried unlinking many times. Something seems to be screwed up the Google end as it seems to be unable to ‘forget’ some devices that were previously connected. I had a Yeelight that was linked to Google home directly via its own app some time ago. Device has long since been discarded and unlinked but Google Home is still trying to sync it. I am seriously considering moving over to Amazon Echo.

I haven’t checked if there is an issue on productforums. But it seems widespread.

I have created a new Google account and set up Google Home with that. Everything is now working. The problem is that all my personal information, calendars etc, and subscriptions are with my old account. There definitely seems to be a problem with cached data associated with Google usernames.

That is one solution but not working for me since I use everything I have with my account. I Dont aunderstand why google dont fix it, it seems very common. Will look and see if there is anything on productforums.

Unlink the project that you have created from google home and then go to home assistant under profiles and delete all the token that were created for google.

Then reconnect the service from google home.

Can someone validate this?
My GA announces 7 lights when I only have 5 set up in my living room.

All my ghost devices are gone. I did a couple of sync my devices everyday and one day google announced the correct number of lights. Seems google ran some purge of cache somewhere.

That is kind of my approach right now, still got some issues with leftover Hue stuff. Sometimes GA tries to sync Hue devices even though I removed it a couple of days ago.
One hint I got from a Swedish Facebook group was that GA includes the ‘room light’ as well, the entity that covers all lights from a room.
Gonna set up all my lights in GA config and exclude the ones not valid like ‘room light’.

I have tried unlink, sync, re link and sync several times with no luck. What do you mean by ”delete all the token that were created for google”?

The main issue with I correct light numbers is groups and individual lights with Smart Globes.
I have 6 down lights in the living room. 6 lights. They are also in a Hue Group called Living room, that makes a 7th light. They are also grouped in HA as “Ceiling Lights”. Makes an 8th light and so on.
In HA config, you can tell Home Assistant which entities to expose to a voice assistant. You can also hide Hue Groups from HA so you can just use HA to create groups. That way you can remove duplicate groups.
If you are using Home Assistant, you’re better off only linking HassIO to your voice assistant, otherwise you will get duplicates.

What worked for me was:

  1. I went to the Google Home app and unlinked the Home Assistant service.
  2. “OK Google, sync devices”
  3. I went to and tried updating the action, even though nothing was changed. Then I clicked “test action” and got a notice that the test was being started. I think that’s key – you want to see that the test is being recreated. Because it’s to the test we are connecting.
  4. Back at Google Home app I relinked the Home Assistant service.

My doubles disappeared.

Eh, sorry, I spoke too soon. The problem just reappeared suddenly. The mechanism is buggy.