Google Home app displaying correct status when device changed, then showing opposite

Hey guys, super new to the forum here.

I’ve got the google assistant integration set up with my personal GCP account. Whenever I change the state of a device in the google home app (for example turning on a light), it shows on for a second, then shows off. When I refresh the app, it shows on, as the light is supposed to be. When it’s in this “fake off” state, I can toggle it “on” and “off” again to actually turn the light off, but then it shows in the app as if it’s on.

Mine is also doing this, did you figure it out?

I had this issue once. I’m not 100% sure since it was years ago, but I think I solved it by setting report_state: true in the configuration. Google Assistant - Home Assistant

Ah good thought, but unfortunately I already have that in my .yaml, so this is something else.

Same here, unfortunately.

Changing my Google Assistant configuration to report_state: false fixed the issue.

Sadly it still didn’t fix it for me

unfortunately no change in behaviour for me either.