Google Home App & Scripts/Scenes


I’ve set up Google Assistant (manually) and can get devices to appear and the integration seems to work well. I can’t, however, get scripts/scenes to work at all. From what I’ve read, it sounds like they may not appear in the Google Home App UI, but would still work when activated by voice. I can’t get that to work either (even when giving the script/scene a room).

Does anyone have this working right now? Is there a way to see the scenes in the Google Home App (or anywhere in Google’s products)?

Screenshots would be lovely if someone has it working. I’ve seen some people post screenshots, but they all seem to be for older versions of Google Home.

Let me know if I can provide any more details. Thanks!

be sure that you are exposing the interested scripts to google home if you have not enabled to expose all entities by default. Restart HA, sync your devices in google home and you would see as result of sync process. Scripts are scenes not devices so I haven’t seen them as entity on Google Home but you can call them as activate test.

      expose: True


Ok, it seems like the only piece I was missing was to restart HA. I was just reloading the configuration and doing a Quick Reload via the settings. Apparently that’s not enough.

I got it to activate now with a voice command. Thanks!