Google (Home) Assistant integration only for local use


I use HomeKit integration to control all HA sensors and devices using “Siri” but from a few months ago I bought a few google home mini for sending voice notifications … and now I will like to use this google home mini with voice commandos “Ok Google, turn on lights on the living room” like now I use with Siri (HomeKit). The problem is that the integration with Google Assistant require open HA to the internet and I don’ like this, I use a VPN for remote access and I don’t want to open “to the world” my HA setup … are there any way to integrate HA with Google for use only voice commands from Google Home mini speaker that doesn’t requiere external access to HA?


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No, because Google;s Smart Home offerings depend on the cloud. Very few systems permit local-only control.

I only know of Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Vera, & possibly Hubitat. All others require some cloud connection.

I know with alexa you can use emulated_hue component to allow lights and switches to be controlled without public internet access.
I don’t know if this would be possible with google home. You might give this a try

How do you use alexa without public Internet access? All Alexa requests go through as far as I know. The iOS app goes there too. The only other thing some of the devices use is Bluetooth & a QR Code for initial discovery.

Maybe i phrased it wrong.
With alexa and emulated_hue you do not need to make your installation available from the internet

How does the emulated_hue communicate with alexa? Alexa does not communicate locally after a device initial setup. (except for the Echo Plus which has a Zigbee radio.)

I have set up an alexa dot with emulated hue and it works without the portforwarding to access home assistant from the internet.

But nevermind, i just had a look at the documentation, my recommendation does not work with google home

Be aware that emulated_hue doesn’t work for new Google Home users.

The alexa dot communicates outbound to using https and the responses are allowed back inbound with no port forwarding needed.

Disclaimer: I am a network engineer.

How would alexa then possibly get access to devices which are available via ?
It can’t go to and magically get a response from

That explains a lot…

Emulated hue makes Alexa think it is a Hue hub.

Your command goes out to amazon, then it comes back to talk to the local “hue” hub to perform the action.

Oh gosh… No.
It can’t “come back”.
The local “hue” hub is available with ip and can’t be accessed from outside

The command comes back to Alexa which has access to

None of your Alexa or Google Home commands are internal to your network only.

But even if this would be true, my original statemate still stands true. You do not need to make your home assistant available to the public which basically was the issue in the first place.

But i am out and appoligize to @jgon for hijacking his thread.

And like I said, HA’s very own “CLOUD” component allows access for Alexa and Google Assistant without ANY port forwarding, so yes there IS a way to do it.