Google Home Assistant semi-auto reenable of testing monthly

Hi thought I would share how I semi-auto re-enable the enable test monthly in google actions so it doesn’t stop working which was really annoying.

I run home assistant in Hassio on my windows media server in my house. On the media server I run a monthly scheduled task using chrome to renable the test simulator.
So I have a scheduled task that runs “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”
with an argument of “”.

This opens a chrome tab which created a new test simulator basically restarting the countdown.
It seems to work… and only annoyance you have one tab opening in chrome and you can just click to close it.
It is convenient on my server, but no reason you can’t have this on your notebook/desktop, will just be a slight annoyance with a new tab you have to close once a month. Better than a completely manual effort.

The only thing I also had to do was set the task to end after 1 hour as even if you close the chrome tab it still says it is running.

Hope someone finds this useful. My wife is less annoyed now :joy:

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