Google Home can no longer adjust volume of media player?

Can you control the volume from the Google Home app? Or just with voice?
What is the command that works for you?

No, not from Google home app, just on/off…
Only with voice I can control volume percentage…

I say like, hey Google, set the volume on … (But I use it in Dutch language)

I have both Danish and English language support enabled. Perhaps this is the issue.
I also tried removing my cloud config from configuration.yaml and just keeping


in there and then using the gui to filter the devices, but still no luck.

Does anyone have an idea to debug this issue?

Give your Denon a friendly name otherwise you will have to say “Hey gogole, set the denon avr-x2300w to XX%”

It says in your screenshot it supports OnOff, Modes, Volume, so the support is there, modes is to change the input like TV or Video 1, etc.

Yes , like me, I have exposed it as name “volume” :slight_smile:

I had an alias in Google Config until I reset it and it still didn’t work. I am trying to see if I can set the alias from the ui, but I have not figured it out yet.

I don’t use UI , yaml is easier to setup names and aliasses and rooms

It still does not work for me. Do you know if there is any way to debug these Google Assistant related issues?

Are you still saying “Hey google, set the stereo to XX%” ?

Try changing the friendly_name via the Customize menu.

i have setup like below, dont need a friendly name then :

      name: Volume
      room: Living room
        - Volume
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That works too.