Google home control av receiver?

So i managed to link my avr to the google home using home assistant, and now all i can do is turn it off and on… i can also control volume by using brightness… does anyone know how i can rename brightness to volume or something? or even better rename it to volume and have it be the same decibel level as the amp (50% volume sets the amp to -50db or something?

Any ideas?


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So first off, can you send a screenshot of it using brightness? That’s just odd.

Anyways on to your question, you can create a input_number as a slider and have that increase and decrease your volume. Here is what I used… I just happen to have a receiver that uses DB as well.

in home assistant everything is fine… its just google home controlling it… i have to tell google, ok google, set the avr brightness to 50%, i cant say volume… and i have to use percent while my avr uses DBs

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Ah, that’s because you are using emulated hue I’m guessing. You can’t change that if you are using emulated hue because the devices mimic a lightbulb. They are emulating hue lightbulbs.

im using the home assistant cloud google home integration…

Ah Okay. According to the docs, you can’t change it. It appears as if they are also emulating light bulbs as well. Here’s the excerpt from the docs:

Currently, the following domains are available to be used with Google Assistant, listed with their default types:

  • group (on/off)
  • input boolean (on/off)
  • scene (on)
  • script (on)
  • switch (on/off)
  • fan (on/off)
  • light (on/off/brightness/rgb color/color temp)
  • cover (on/off/set position (via set brightness))
  • media_player (on/off/set volume (via set brightness))
  • climate (temperature setting)

Here’s the docs:

ahh ok thanks… well thats unfortunate… any idea how i can change source of my receiver?

I don’t have a google device myself. I use alexa and I created a whole library to handle my reciever. So I can’t really help. I’m sure someone on here has done that though. You could always create a series of switch_templates that handle each source. Then you’d just say “turn on/turn off”. The beauty of using switch templates is that if you want to swap sources, you just say turn_on for the next source and it will shut off the previous source for you if you program it correctly. All of this would require you to have the ability to switch sources from home assistant though.

thanks… ill give it a go… i think thats what im looking for… i think its possible to control it through home assistant as i can switch it in the home assistant dashboard…

You probably can say just “set avr to 50%”.

Hi, can you share your config?

I want to achieve the same gol without reinventing the wheel

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