Google Home has duplicates of all exposed devices

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All of the entities/devices that I have exposed in my cloud.yaml are duplicated in my Google Home App. It is a little noisy. I have no other signs of problems, no errors or anything else.

I am using HASS Cloud (Nabu Casa) and I have the app linked.
I am on HASS 105.5.
I have tried unlinking it entirely and then linking it again. This process actually made it come up with more duplicates.
I have clear the app cache and data on my phone.

When on the integration page it clearly says I have 68 exposed and select devices, but when I look in the home app it says I have 87.

Any ideas?


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tried to write/say “sync my devices” to your google assistant?

Have you excluded domains / entities that were already in Google Home (because you added them in Google)?

Otherwise, anything that Home Assistant sees, that is already in Google Home, will be duplicated.

no, I do not believe so. I do everything through HASS. I am not adding anything directly to GA.

I tried this but I get an error ‘Sorry, can only be synced by the user that added it in Google Home app.’ I find this comment strange, since I am that user.

That said I have added/sync’d it in the Home Assistant Cloud configuration page.

Try this:

Through the Google Assistant App (not the Google Home app):

Open G-Assistant -> Tap the Icon on the lower left that maximizes the app -> tap upper right on your profile -> Tap -> Assistant -> tap Home Control

It should look like this:

You should see a List of devices, check if the rooms and your account line up with your homeassistant settings

Are you using the same Google account? Logged in on your phone?

yes, I am using the same account.

Yeah, it looks good… except for the duplicates… :\

but If I look in HASS:

Ok, I have solved this!

I have my wife’s google account on my phone ( and she has my account on her phone also), this is how we share our calenders and contacts.

Her account was was linked to as well. Hence, the same HASS install was linked twice to the same HASS. She is a ‘home member’ as well.

I unlinked hers and all duplicates are gone.

Thank you so much all for your help and suggestions.


I had this exact same issue, thank you!!!

So I followed these instructions but then my wife couldn’t use any of the devices I had added. I added her gmail account to the google cloud console, but when adding hassio in google home, I logged in using my home assistant credentials instead of hers. It seems by having different users in home assistant mixed with google home it duplicated devices.

So after doing the above, now I don’t have duplicate devices, but I’m unable to access scripts. Also not sure why my wife has full access and I don’t

Well I have the exact same issue too. Unlinking my Wife’s phone has done the trick and removed the duplicates. However she can still see the HA devices in Google Home on her phone - presumably because I have linked them to the ‘Home’ on my device and as a home member she can see them. I am sure that is not how it used to work and had to be linked on both devices. Anyway good news.
One other thing I have noticed is that some objects don’t get synched up to GH until they are added to an Area. Weird but very reproduceable. Anyway, thank you @jurgenweber you saved me a load of trouble there.

Hi guys!

I provide a little more information about it. The problem occurs when you have a shared house on Google Home. As you already know, now Home Assistant tells you who has turned off a light. So I have tried to achieve this with Google Home, but without fully success.

First of all, I have added my Action test in my Google Home account, getting all “my” Home Assistant entitties in our Google Home. Both my wife and I can see and use them because we are members of the same Google Home house.

What is the problem here? Regardless of who turns them on, Home Assistant will always tell us that I was the one who turned it on. So, I tried to solve it using allowing other users.

But when I add my wife Action test (which is actually a copy of mine, as the documentation indicates) to her Google Home account, we got all the duplicate Home Assistant entities, both for her and for me.

I have observed that if I turn on the first duplicate light, Home Assistant indicates that I have turned it on, and if I turn on the second duplicate light, Home Assistant indicates that it was my wife who turned it on. So it’s working fine.

The problem occurs when both use the same Google Home house, that is, my wife and I are members of the same Google Home house. This way, if I add a device, she will see it, and vice versa. That is why the duplication of entities occurs.

I don’t think the solution is to use different Google Home houses. I do not know if there will be a solution to this problem and I do not know it. But of course, the ideal would be a single house with several members in which the trace of who did what in Home Assistant would be saved, without obtaining duplicate entities in Google Home.