Google Home Hub Max not appearing

I just added a new Google home hub max to my network, however it doesn’t appear in my Home Assistant.

Do I need to do anything special for it to detect the new device?

The new device is in the Google Cast integration, however, in the Nest section, it is not.

As you can see in the Nest integration it’s not meant for smart speakers and displays: Nest - Home Assistant

Cast is the correct integration.

@FPro The documentation says it supports “Google Hub Max” and I have 2 others already added to my HA. Hence the question why its not coming up with the thrid.

Do you have camera(s) configured on the Max?

Have you been through the troubleshooting steps in the docs?

Where are your logs?

I have the third Max Hub configured in my NATIVE GOOGLE NEST app, but it won’t update or appear in HA. Let me see if there is anything in the logs

@allenporter thoughts as to why my third Hub Max would not appear after first adding the first 2 some months ago?

The most common reason is you need to authorize it, using the first link in the troubleshooting section

@stephang doesn’t seem to want to deal with the troubleshooting section, he has already ignored that suggestion.

@nickrout i missed that Fromm your suggestion. I was not aware of the trouble shooting page…or more likely being male did not read it. Lesson learned. Thank @nickrout & @allenporter that solved it

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Yeah that male blindness means we all miss stuff, I am always pleased when I see women posting here, as we males need calling out :slight_smile: