Google Home integration and emulating Things

I am new to home automation but keen to get deeper into the details.

Context: The totality of my home installation is several Google Home speakers and a pair of Sonoff Basic one channel wifi switches connected to lamps. The link between Google Home and the switches is via IFTTT. I have defined some phrases in IFTTT to turn the lights on/off.

Complication: It works ok but because, I assume, IFTTT doesn’t present devices natively to Google Home, my phrase has to be, shall we say, a little cryptic. If I try to use something like “Turn on the front room light”, the Google Home speaker responds with “It doesn’t look like that device is connected”.

Question: Can I use Home Assistant to present an arbitrary device natively to Google Home such that if i ask ‘turn on the lights in the front room’ I have complete control of that action that is taken?**

I haven’t done anything clever with the switches (eg, installing tasmota), but I have worked out how to trigger them via curl (using ifttt webhooks). It isn’t a particularly elegant solution but I figure if I can pursade Google Home think I have a light (or whatever) and to run a command (curl) when asked, I can pretty much do anything.

I’d really appreciate any advice.


The answer to your question is yes. There is also an eWelink integration that someone recently made as well but the best way is to flash Tasmota.

I use the eWelink integration and it works fairly well.
Before using that, I simply named the switches as “kitchen light” and “living room light” in eWelink application, linked my google assistant account with eWelink, and I could tell to turn on the kitchen light viua voice command without using IFTTT.

Yeah that’s correct. EWeLink is directly supported by Google Home.

I didn’t realise EWeLink worked natively with Google Home! I must have missed it when I first looked and then just assumed IFTTT was the only way! Got it set up now and it does what I originally wanted, but now I have a taste of Home Assistant…