Google Home Integration

where i can find google Home Complete Integration ?
please help

You should start by looking at the emulated hue component which exposes the devices you have in Home Assistant to both Google Home and Alexa. Once they can see them, they can control them.

Full google home integration isn’t a thing since google has not made direct actions available to the public.

However, using the emulated hue component you can do basic things like turn something on/off, or adjust brightness/volume using a 0 to 100 value. The benefit of using emulated hue is it is all local, no external dependencies.

For more complex tasks that emulated hue commands cannot cover, such as something like “turn on the discovery channel” you can use IFTTT. In IFTTT use the google assistant as the trigger, and maker as the response. Maker will call your home assistant REST API to control basically anything in home assistant. Downsides of IFTTT is that is it an external dependency which increases the response time or could be down all together and not available. To be able to hit the REST API from IFTTT your home assistant server will have to be public facing, so you will need to have HTTPS set up, or forward port 8123.

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