Google Home Intigration dosnt work

I’m new to HassIO and have been trying to integrate Google Home for some time. I followed the instructions for setting up a Google Project and established a network connection via duckdns.
The project is shown in the google home app and I can log in via the HassIO interface. Then nothing happens, it loads briefly and ends.
Does anyone know why?
Here is my configuration:

  project_id: my-id
  service_account: !include SERVICE_ACCOUNT.json
    - light

Are you using HTTPS and valid certificate to connect to HA? If not - might be the issue you are looking for.
Here are some pieces from my config:

  base_url: https://MYSITE.DOMAIN:8123
  ssl_certificate: /SSL_FOLDER/fullchain.pem
  ssl_key: /SSL_FOLDER/privkey.pem


  project_id: MYPROJECT_ID
  service_account: !include SERVICE_ACCOUNT.JSON
    - switch
    - light
    - group

JSON file itself should be located in the root of the config folder (for the config I provided)
Also, I’m not sure, but filenames could be case sensitive - better double check the names.

just in case you have pihole or adguard or smth similar running… try turning it off… that did the trick for me.

@shoguevara Thanks!
I have no problems with HTTPS and only valid certificates, I also have access via my domain. My Json file is also read. Maybe I have a problem with my Google Cloud configuration?

@AlmostSerious Thanks!
Unfortunately, that did not help my problem.

I’m using my hassio with my own 1st level domain and it is listed in the Privacy and consent section of google project. Might be the case. I remember that I only achieved success on my 5th configuration try, but totally forgot the issues I ran into =(