Google Home Mini - Do Not Disturb Mode

Would anyone know how to trigger setting the a Google Mini into DND mode? Would like to do so so that a broadcast is not heard across all speakers (using Assistant Relay)

Thank you

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I’d like to do exactly this, if you found out how - or anyone else knows?

Would you like to just trigger DND mode, or the broadcasting to single devices?

If so, Google Assistant Relay can now broadcast to just specific devices. I posted about it somewhere so let me know if you need help with this.

If it’s just DND mode you want, then try out GitHub - leikoilja/ha-google-home: Home Assistant Google Home custom component as they have just introduced DND mode but I haven’t tested it at all.

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It was just DND I was after - thanks I’ll check that out!

Thanks again, installed and it shows a DND switch for all my speakers and works like a charm. No more kids shouting broadcasts at me while I’m on the 'phone!!

Glad to hear. The component is pretty new and has had some bugs in it but the devs are very active and getting things updated quickly.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best solution for this - Home Assistant casts an audio stream to Google Home devices, which bypasses DND. Turning on does not prevent TTS announcements if you have those setup via automations (notify.google_say).

Assistant Relay uses Broadcast instead, which is stopped by DND. However, you have to put up with the “incoming broadcast from user:” preamble before any message is read.

Add a condition to the automation(s) to prevent the TTS announce if DND is on? The DND is a sensor you can read in HA.

Unfortunately this now appears to be broken with the latest version of HA. All DND switchesare unavailable.

I’ve resorted to plugging my Google Home into a smart switch for a reliable DND mode…lol.

I’m using Assistant Relay Add-on and Broadcasts…