Google Home - Nabu Casa Pin reset after about 12 hours

I have been googling this question for a while now, and not found a suitable answer. I am running the latest Home Assistant (I upgrade to the latest nightly) and I have Nabu Casa, which is great.

I use Google Home Mini’s, and they work - but the PIN code for opening my OpenGarage Doors is inconsistent at best.

That is, if I set a PIN in the interface (GUI) for Nabu Casa, and refresh my entities, Google Home will accept the new PIN, and I can open my garages by voice command.

About 12 hours later, the PIN stops working. Restarting/Refresing/Sync Entities to Google has no effect. However, changing the PIN seems to work fine.

I know how to disable the PIN, but this is something that I would rather not do.

Any additional steps I can take to try to trace down why this is happening?