Google Home not able to connect to Home Assistant cloud by Nabu Casa

5 month ago all my Home assistant devices disconected from Google Home. I have not been able to find out why and not been able to reconnect Home Assistant to Google home Since.

Today I tried again and disconnected everything to reconnect in Google Home. Then I got the message "no compatible devices were found in your Home Assistant.
Any Idea what is wrong or how I get the connection to work again?

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A couple of months ago, HA moved Alexa and Google Home to a separate category “Voice assistants”, in Settings. Make sure that you to “expose” your devices.

YES I solved it.
After reconnecting all services it didn’t helped at all.


  1. Disconnect all services in Google assistant / Google Home.
    Remove Home Assistant cloud by Nabu Casa

  2. Turn off Cloud in Home Assistant

  3. Remove all entries exposed to Google Assistant at /config/voice-assistants/expose?assistants=cloud.google_assistant&historyBack

  4. Add one entry fx a lamp that you knows will be working.

  5. Turn on cloud in Home Assistant.

  6. Reconnect Google Home with Home Assistant cloud by Nabu Casa

Google Home now sync up the devices again and all old entries are removed.


I want to say that I had a similar problem after migrating HA to a fresh install and doing a full restore and the procedure above worked, mainly removing nabu casa ( from Google connections. Thanks!