Google home not seeing ecolink tilt sensors

Hi Guys-

Using Home assistant and just setup remote access via cloudflare tunnel and trying to get it to play nice w/google home/google assistant/device control on my android phone.

I was able to get everything setup and i can check the status or activate my locks w/device control.

I just installed some ecolink binary sensors., but can’t get it to show up.

in my configuration.yaml file, i have a line to include google_assistant_integration.yaml

within that google_assistant_integration.yaml file, my exposed domains include switch, light, sensor, script. I see that the ecolink z-wave tilt sensors are considered binary sensor, do i need to add that?

I also added a line like this:



expose: true


expose: true

still not showing up. Any idea how to get this to work?

Bumping this up