Google Home/Pi/homeAssistant and either Global Cache OR direct TCP/IP if possible

Where do I even start,…
Its bad when you are not even sure how to phrase the correct question, but I’ll try.
We have a Home Home Automation system that has hardwired loads stations etc,… We want to use the Google Home to control the lighting etc in the home by means of Raspberry Pi running HA. We are unsure how the best way to get the “String” sent to the Infusion Controller (IC) which is the controller for Vantage Controls for the house. This system allows us to send “Host Commands” (text) to the IC via RS232 ( we were planning on using a Global Cache GC-100-06 (which allows us to shoot RS232 into the IC )piece of hardware, and we still may. But I understand that I could possibly bypass that piece of hardware and send the string directly to the IC via TCP/IP.
We are unsure how to “point” the string to the IC via its IP and port.
So far we have HA running not he PI, even though we are still making changes like making sure it will start up after a power loss etc,… We understand we need to insert a API into the IFTTT within the HA. Thats about where we are at this point.
Is it possible to bypass the Global Cache and send and receive these “strings” without the Global Cache?

Kinda lost at this point on how to proceed,.
Thanks for any direction,…

Did you figure this out? I also have a Vantage Controls lighting system. I can control the lights from an app called “Equinox” which is pretty good. I’d like to be able to have a single solution capable of handling it all.

I’d also like to know if anyone has been able to use HA with the Vantage Controls lighting system.