Google Home Project/Google Nest Thermostat

Hello Everyone! Im really new to Home Assistant and have run into a few issues.

My wife loves the ease of access google has when it comes to our lights and thermostat and I love the endless functionality of home assistant. I discovered you can make these two things talk to one another by using a google project and creating linking it all together.

my issues are:
1.) I downloaded/installed the HACS google home integration but when I try to put in my credentials it fails to authenticate. I’ve been reading that it could be something about the master token but I’m utterly lost.

2.) I would like to add my google nest thermostat to my dashboard and I created a project and paid my $5 to get the Device Access Console but when I try to link it vie the integration, the Partner Integration Manager, gives me
I’m pretty certain I’ve migrated my nest account and I’ve tried resetting the OAUTH creds multiple times.

One issue could be that you have your Nest App with an email account that is not gmail.
Some time ago they made it quasi compulsory to use a gmail account.

Nope. It’s a gmail account. I’ve run to my wits end with testing and retesting and I think I’ve resulted to just eating the $5 and moving on with my life. Google home app can control my thermostat.

It’s just I was hoping to integrate everything into one place without having to spend another $200 on a different thermostat.

I am not a great techie but my Nest integration works fine. I installed it about 18 months ago and when I have some yime I’ll try to retrace my steps and let you know.