Google home question

This isn’t totally related to HA, but I figure you guys may know. I have my google homes connected to HA via Nabu casa cloud. HA controls all my switches.

Currently, if I want to turn off my master bedroom lights using google home I have to say “hey google, turn off master bedroom lights”. Is there anyway to train google home to know what room the google home speaker is in and set my master bedroom lights as the default lights for that google home speaker? That way, when I’m in my bedroom, I can just say “hey google trun off the lights”.

hahaha??? really??

Do you have that light assigned to the bedroom and the google home assigned to the bedroom in Google Assistant?

If you define rooms for your devices in GA then it works exactly like you are asking but you must assign rooms.

When you setup Google Home it would have asked for a room and room is an option in the google assistant integration for the light (or you can correct/specify that in the Google Home App when you link to Home Assistant)

I had no idea it would work like that. I do have some switches assigned to rooms and my google speakers in rooms. I’ve tried using the simplified commands before and it hasn’t worked. I guess I’ll have to look into that. Maybe my command isn’t clear enough.

it 100% works and it was bloody annoying when they first turned it on…

In the google Assistant App, under home control, click on the rooms tab and make sure the room contains the correct devices… spelling, spacing matters… If they are in the same room it 100% works great.

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