Google home reminders on home assistant


I’ve succefully integrated my gmail calendar to HA but my reminders aren’t activating, only regular events activate my calendar.

This is my configuration on the google_calendars.yaml:

- cal_id: ***
  - device_id: ***_gmail_com
    ignore_availability: true
    name: ***
    track: true

Has anyone succefully done this?

As far as I have seen, the google calendar component is just a sensor that senses whether or not a calendar event on your calendar falls in the “now” time-frame. If it does, the event is on. If not, it’s not.

If you’re referring to your calendar notification default settings, (“notify me 45 minutes before the event”) etc., then you’re going to have to create your own reminder system and rules in HA using notifications and some event start-time math.

You could create an input text entity so you can dynamically set the reminder time. Then, create an automation that looks at the start time of the next event and subtract “input_text” minutes at which point anything could be triggered to do something.

I’m talking about the reminders that can be created in the calendar app or by asking google home, for instance by saying “hey google, remind me tomorrow to do something”.
This reminder appears now on my google calendar as a reminder and not as an event. The google home assistant doesn’t seem to see those at all.